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Recycle a lot? Just add water!

Recycle a lot? Just add water!

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Refill bottles for all purpose cleaner 50 ml

° Saves on waste

° And is nice for the wallet!

Fill your empty, but still "good looking" empty all-purpose cleaner spray bottle (500ml) at home with our citrus vinegar essence, add water and you're done!



We offer 3 different, refreshing scent combinations:

lemon love contains the degreasing power of lemon, the oriental aroma of lemongrass and bactericidal tea tree oil.

peppermint with the energizing scent of peppermint with air freshening eucaliptus and sweet orange.

cinnamon unites spicy cinnamon with oriental cloves and delicious lavender.

                                     TRY DIFFERENT FLAVORS!


    CONTENT: 50ml


    Pour the bottle  about in the  empty and cleaned bottle of the citrus all-purpose cleaner (500ml) and top up with water *


    * demineralized  water or  cooked and  using cooled water is recommended. This water has been stripped of chemicals and minerals.


    INGREDIENTS:  Natural alcohol vinegar infused with  citrus zest, essential oil.



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